Northern Indiana Lumberyard, Lumber for sale

I have several thousand board feet of every conceivable hardwood and softwood lumber in stock in my Northern Indiana Lumberyard. Besides the usual red and white oak, walnut, cherry, etc., that you would expect, I have a bit of oddities like hackberry, sassafras, honey and black locust, and locally grown softwoods like white pine, eastern red cedar, Norway spruce and ponderosa pine. And don't think that since this wood came from "waste" trees the wood is no good. I'll match it with lumber coming from the most reputable mills in the country. Solar drying produces lumber with little drying defect, nice color, and no "casehardening" problems. I'm based in Syracuse, but if you're in Goshen, Elkhart, South Bend, Fort Wayne, Chicago, or anywhere in between, I may have just what you're looking for. Lumber Pricelist (updated 12/2021) LEG BLANK PRICELIST
Check out this bunch of logs I hauled in: This lumber is ready now, and what's left is part of my lumber inventory.
This is one of three loads of walnut logs I hauled in today - probably about 2,000 board feet total. Weather... Posted by G.W. Green Urban Forester on Wednesday, February 10, 2016